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World's leading pricing and growth specialist

Simon-Kucher is a global consultancy with more than 2,000 employees in 30 countries.

Our sole focus is on unlocking better growth that drives measurable revenue and profit for our clients.

We achieve this by optimizing every lever of their commercial strategy – product, price, innovation, marketing, and sales – based on deep insights into what customers want and value.

With 37 years of experience in monetization topics of all kinds, we are regarded as the world's leading pricing and growth specialist.


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Mar 29, 2023   

INDONESIA WEALTH MANAGEMENT FORUM - 2023 Hubbis was delighted to host our annual Indonesia Wealth Management event in Jakarta on March 29 for the Private Wealth Management Community. The event focused on the evolution of wealth management in Indonesia’s maturing and diversifying market. We hosted panel discussions and presentat...

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Opportunities and Challenges for Asia’s Wealth Management Community A panel of experts at the Hubbis Investment Solutions Forum reviewed the state of the wealth management industry to highlight what value proposition might be required to survive and prosper in the future. They debated whether the cost and revenue pressures are of such a scale as to threaten the surv...