Hubbis is delighted to announce we will be hosting the 2023 HUBBIS DIGITAL WEALTH FORUM on Wednesday 4th October in Singapore.

The event will feature the half-day-plus format we introduced with great success in 2022 to deliver the most efficient and engaging agenda, discussions and networking, beginning at 9.00am and ending at 2.00pm after lunch (for those that would like to stay). 

Very simply, the event will focus on the evolution of Digital and FinTech solutions for the wealth management industry in Asia.

Key elements of the event:

  • 6 specialist presentations
  • 4 panel discussions
  • A unique get-together enabling delegates to meet with 200+ leading wealth management practitioners from local, regional and international Private Banks, Independent Wealth Management Firms, Family Offices, IFAs, Securities Firms and digital wealth managers.
  • An unprecedented opportunity to hear from more than 20 local and international speakers who are well-known experts in the Asian and indeed international wealth management, investment and wealth advisory & solutions community
  • Networking coffee and refreshment breaks
  • Lunch for those who wish to stay
  • And…the event will qualify for 3.5 hours of CPD

These are some of the key topics that will be covered in the Forum:

  • Wealth Leaders Perspectives on Digital Solutions to Build & Enhance Business
  • How Digital Solutions can help Empower Advisors & Relationship Managers  
  • Private Client Expectations and Digital Solutions – Why, What and How?
  • The Rise of Digital Investment & Custody Platforms
  • The Future of Advice and its Seamless Delivery
  • The Intersection of Digital Solutions and Digital Assets in Wealth Management
  • Gazing into the Crystal Ball of Digital Solutions, and FinTech & Technology Innovations

And to give you even more understanding of what you can expect from the 2023 event, you can click this link to view the Agenda and Speakers from our very successful 2022 event. CLICK HERE

And by the way, here is a link to selected reports and videos from that very successful 2022 Forum. CLICK HERE

Oct 4




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Oct 4




Ravi Kanteti

Bain & Company

Mukesh Pilania


Sonjoy Phukan

Bank of Singapore

Karen Tan

VP Bank

Yujun Lin

Interactive Brokers

Nayeem Khan


Michael Blake


Oct 4







Oct 4




Setting the Scene for the 2023 Forum

On October 4, a hand-picked set of digital technology solutions specialists and wealth management experts will look at the application of the latest digital solutions to the world of wealth management as technology revolutionises the offerings and efficiencies of private wealth managers and the broad wealth management community across Asia Pacific.

During the 3-5 panel discussions and the 4-6 presentations, our chosen experts will focus on as many of the core issues and development and challenges as possible.

They will first set the scene and provide the context for wealth management evolution in the region and review the current digital transformation thus far, defining the evolving business trends, and therefore identifying the digital needs for the years ahead, and naturally what technologies and solutions can and should be employed.

We all know how the pandemic turbo-charged the drive towards digitisation that had been gaining momentum for quite some years, and against that backdrop, the panel of wealth management leaders will discuss the nature of the local and regional wealth management market, whilst defining their business and digital needs for the years ahead.

They will ponder whether this broad digital revolution is being properly embraced, and if not, who might get left behind. The experts will analyse where technology investment is focused today, from back-end to front-end and where the latest and forthcoming digital solutions will be able to significantly enhance the offerings, and just as importantly, how to make the right decisions and follow through to an outstanding outcome with the relevant, necessary buy-in from the various teams within each organisation, from back and mid-office through to the client-facing RMs, CROs and advisors.

The speakers will also look into the obvious pitfalls and tricky nuances of implementing and executing these decisions so that these often incredibly significant technology investments are not wasted by not taking the right approach to digitalisation. Smart, targeted investment with clearly defined operational and business goals in sight – all with the private client’s needs and experience front of mind - can and will significantly boost their competitive position.

While historically and today, the clientele in the region consists mostly of HNW and UHNW clients, from the region largely but also more and more from across the globe, wealth managers and private banks are also increasingly striving to ‘democratise’ and scale their service and product offerings to a wider audience of mass affluent clients to compete and grow in the new hyper-digital world.

Tech-driven hyper-personalisation is at the core of fulfilling this concept, as more and more clients of all types want a seamless, interactive, and tailored wealth management offering that is highly relevant to their lifestyles, their needs and their aspirations for the decades ahead, and importantly, deliverable online or mobile.

Our experts will zoom in on key topics such as digitising onboarding/AML/KYC, enhancing efficiencies and boosting cost-effectiveness, delivering genuine client-centricity in terms of digital tools including via apps, providing RMs/advisors with the tools to empower them by raising capabilities and productivity, boosting investment engagement and scalability, improving portfolio analytics and elevating reporting protocols.

And our selected speakers will also look in some depth into how the banks and the EAMs and family offices make the right decisions regarding digital solutions, find the right partners, and then execute their digital transformation projects with speed and precision. All of which is far from easy.

All these developments are essential as incumbents face up to the threats of enhanced competition amongst themselves, and from new FinTech and even Big Tech threats to their hegemony.

Join us on October 4 in Singapore for what will surely be an informative, lively, educational and also rather comprehensive overview of the state of, and outlook for, digital transformation in the region’s wealth management markets.

And remember, to give you even more understanding of what you can expect from the 2023 event, you can click this link to view the Agenda and Speakers from our very successful 2022 event. CLICK HERE



Oct 4




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