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Welcome to the Hubbis Digital Dialogue Series. Every Thursday at the same time of 3.00pm to 4.00pm Hong Kong / Singapore time, Hubbis and partners are hosting a series of one-hour video discussion events that we invite professionals in the Asian wealth management industry to participate in, at no cost. All you need to do is register to ‘attend’ each one.

Each discussion will involve 3-4 expert speakers selected each week to covering the topic at hand, and responding to questions from a wealth management industry expert for roughly 45-50 minutes, and if there is time available, followed by a 10-15 minute Q&A.

The topics will be carefully selected to focus on some of the key issues arising from the COVID-19 crisis, and of course on core issues relating to the evolution of wealth management products, services and solutions in anticipation of some return to normal business life ahead.

We will therefore endeavour to help our wealth management industry, and everyone involved in it, directly and peripherally, remain engaged through these forward-focused thought leadership discussions that will inform them of latest developments and trends, and help them accurately position their products, solutions, services, people, systems and strategies for the challenges and the great opportunities ahead.

We will cover both wealth management communities and countries. We will therefore include the global private banks, the regional and local banks in Asia that are busy in, or forging into, the wealth management space. We will cover mainstream fund management, alternative fund management, independent asset managers and family offices, compliance & regulation, life insurance solutions, digital technology products and solutions, and of course the professional services providers, whether trustees, law firms, tax advisors and residency and migration consultants.

We will range our focus over the main Asian wealth management centres of Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as looking in more detail at regional markets such as China, India, and the major ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

For each event we will conduct short surveys of the experts and of the attendees. After each event, we will produce a special report on the discussion, including compressing the content and key observations into a format applicable for Continued Professional Development & Training (CPD/CPT).

After each event - you can complete a brief Quiz and Survey - and then we will send you a certificate of attendance for your CPD/CPT.

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Please CLICK HERE to view CPD / CPT guidelines for hubbis digital dialogue series and virtual online events.

Remember - the Hubbis Digital Dialogue Events are:

  • One-hour of focused, informative and thought-provoking discussion
  • Presented through the eyes of best-in-class speakers and experts
  • Practical insights and tips on how to survive and thrive in the new world
  • Moderated by leading professionals in their fields
  • Inclusive of a mini survey to gauge insights from the market
  • Recordable and archivable
  • Followed by a dedicated post-event Hubbis Digital Dialogue Report
  • To be formatted also as a short, relevant module for CPD/CPT
  • Key takeaways and best practices that you can deploy in your business
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