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Eton Solutions is a software and services company founded to handle the complexities of servicing ultra-high-net-worth families. Created by family office leaders, Eton Solutions’ flagship product is AtlasFive®, an integrated platform with hundreds of billions in assets under administration and over 390 active families that holistically aggregates and manages all your office’s data, reporting, and workflow processes.

A purpose-built ERP system built to manage the complexities of family offices, AtlasFive is the only comprehensive technology platform that seamlessly connects all data, services, and stakeholders within family offices. AtlasFive allows single and multi-family offices to adopt lean business practices, eliminate spreadsheets and manual work processes, and accurately report on activities and data anywhere and anytime, freeing offices to concentrate more time and resources on delivering higher-value advisory services to families. With one source of truth and sophisticated service offerings, Eton Solutions leads family offices into the future by maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors and risk.

The company also offers a fully outsourced proposition suited for family offices organisations in start up phase or those looking to create operating leverage by taking advantage of AtlasFive’s comprehensive set of capabilities in conjunction with their highly specialized services team.

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