Why are we hosting this event?

At a time when financial institutions of all types are re-assessing their strategies and engagement of all kinds of technology – our ambition is to create unique thought-leadership from many of the most influential participants in the wealth management community.

Amid all the hype and talk among banks about them looking to enhance their digital propositions and offer clients more via these channels, they need to act if they want to address the real challenges they still face. These include, among many: compliance obligations, creating a compelling client experience, dealing with the data challenge, and essentially being relevant to clients – both the current and next generation.

But while the demand for digital is growing among Asian investors, many traditional players are struggling to respond.


Who is it for?

This event is for CEOs, COOs, heads of technology, senior management, as well as other business unit heads across compliance, risk, product, sales and strategy – working within Private Banks, Retail Banks, Insurance Companies, Asset Management Firms, Family Offices, IFAs and other Independent Wealth Managers.

There is a specific segment for Relationship Managers on - How do we embrace digital and technology?


What will you learn?

For those institutions in search of innovation and digitisation for their wealth management business, they need to carefully consider how they work ever-closer with (the right) fintechs as the former rely on the latter for something interesting and new to offer to clients to service their wealth management needs. Yet disruption in any dramatic way looks unlikely. So management need to focus on how to evolve and enhance their businesses in order to thrive, not wither in today’s intensely-challenging environment.

Join over 25 world-class speakers who will cover many topics including;

  • Next generation wealth management – what will it look like and what does it mean to you?
  • Wealth advisory services – how are they impacted by digital?
  • How should bankers embrace digital?
  • How do you future proof your business?
  • How will firms in Asian wealth management use technology and digital to improve the business? And get more business?
  • How do you create a clear and differentiated digital strategy?
  • What are the trends in Regtech?
  • How do you feel with the security risk that comes with digitisation?
  • Demystifying all the Fintech hype
  • Making sense of crypto and blockchain - what are the real applications & implications in financial Services?
  • Is ‘ROBO’ and ‘NEW STUFF’ gaining any real ground?
  • What – if anything – has emerged from any of the Incubators, Labs and other initiatives?
  • What’s the real priority when investing in technology?
  • How do we measure the success of our digital wealth initiatives?
  • Do we have the right mind-set to foster and drive change?
  • Collaborate or die. But who do you partner with?
  • Millennials create a unique conundrum for big banks - how should you cater to their digital expectations?
  • Where should you be based? Hong Kong, Singapore or China?
  • What are the Legal & Ethical Challenges?
  • Could AI recalibrate wealth management in Asia?



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