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Saffron Robo

Company overview:

Saffron Robo is a software, services and support company that will transform client Portfolio Management and advice within the Financial Services sector. The company provides a cloud based, end to end Robo solution, called Saffron Robo Platform (SRP). SRP is a multi-tenant service that will be offered to IFA, Wealth and Asset Management firms, globally. The platform has been designed to offer front-end to back- end functionality, for all product ranges including: EFT’s, Funds, Equities, Bonds and Fixed Income products, via a secure hosted web based solution.

Robo Advisory solutions will become the industry standard for all financial companies over the coming years, as financial organisations are looking at ways to:

  • Reduce client fees;
  • Address the ever growing and complex regulatory requirements being imposed on the industry;
  • Expand their market reach;
  • Deliver internal efficiencies and improve margins.


Implementing solutions, like SRP, will deliver all these and more, it will also challenge their current legacy system from an efficiency and costs perspective.

Currently, it is only the larger firms who can afford to build these solutions, they are expensive to develop, difficult to maintain and challenging to find the right Robo skillsets in this young market. It is Saffron’s intention to offer SPR at a competitive annual subscription price, that will include:

  • The latest technology stack;
  • Quick to implement, adapt to regulatory change and bring to market new product;
  • Supported and maintained by Saffron;
  • Branded to the client’s company brand and products.


This will enable companies to be more competitive and deliver better value add to their clients.

Saffron Robo Platform (SRP)

SRP is a full end to end Robo solution that will provide clients a robust Robo portfolio management platform, for their Investors. It offers an intuitive user Interface, via a smartphone, tablet or PC, which will guide users through the Onboarding process and Know Your Client (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering and Suitability checks. It will also address the Risk Profile of the client, either through the standard approach or the Saffron Gamification profiling tool, to determine the risk suitability profile of the investor.

SRP will utilise AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorisms and machine learning to construct, manage and rebalance the investment portfolio. This will allow clients to offer several different portfolio options to mirror their own company offering.

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Key contacts

Simon Cornwell

Chief Executive Officer

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