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Quantifeed is a financial technology company that services financial intermediaries and institutional investors. We focus on providing investment products and technology that enables our clients to scale their wealth management services to a wider market.

We build portfolios and systematic investment strategies for institutional, high-net-worth and retail investors. We use quantitative and institutional-grade methods similar to those employed by asset managers and index providers.

We use technology to distribute our investment products and allow users to customize them. Our large-scale managed accounts software enables users to invest in our products through direct ownership of the underlying securities maintaining custody of their assets.

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Nov 28, 2019   

Digital Wealth Asia Forum 2019 We were delighted to host our annual event in Hong Kong for the Digital Community in Wealth Management. More than 300 CEOs, senior management, product gatekeepers and RM’s at Private Banks, Retail Banks, IFAs. Independent Asset Management Firms (IAM), External Asset Managers (EAM)...

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