BondIT is a data-driven algo-advisory solution that increases bond sales and facilitates client interactions for fixed income investment managers and advisors. This is achieved via sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools backed by proprietary machine learning algorithms. BondIT’s value for wealth and asset management are:

  • Increase revenue – by empowering advisors with data-­driven, personalized, optimal investment recommendations leading to increased trade flow and revenues
  • Increase client acquisition and retention
    • rapidly demonstrate ability to optimize a portfolio
    • deliver superior returns for clients
    • provide new value added services that transform the client-­experience; from time-intensive, offline, opaque and manual to transparent, real-­time construction of bespoke, intelligent, compliant portfolios backed by on-­demand analysis, reporting and rebalancing
  • Enhance portfolio management efficiency – by enabling construction, reallocation and re-­balance of bond portfolios in minutes, not hours or days
  • Ensure fiduciary compliance by placing the clients’ requirements at the center of the process

Core Capabilities

  • Goal and constraint based efficient bond portfolio generation
  • Bond ideas from custom universe accounting for client risk profiles
  • Aggregated client risk management with investment rebalancing triggers
  • Scalable active portfolio optimization tailored for individual client
  • Set timely and on-demand smart alerts
  • Investment recommendations backed by portfolio and risk analytics

Flagship products

BondIT Fixed Income Digital Advisory Solution



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