Company overview:

WEALTRA is the only business in Asia solely dedicated to offering online learning solutions to the Asian Wealth Management Community.

Wealtra Digital Learning Platform - is used by over 160 wealth management firms to help them meet their compliance, CPD/CPT/CPE, reporting and general learning and development requirements - in a transparent, robust, and professional manner. These include Private Banks, External Asset Managers (EAMs), Multi-Family Offices, Securities Firms, and Fund Managers.

Hubbis offers many digital courses that are eligible for continuing professional development CPD/CPT in Hong Kong, Singapore and Regionwide. In Singapore, Hubbis is an accredited IBF training provider. In Malaysia, Hubbis is an accredited Training Provider for the SIDC.

Here are some examples of courses on our platform for your reference.

Key Skills A Successful Manager Should Master

Hubbis Guide To HNW Life Insurance (IBF-FTS Programme P211103CUD)

The Fight Against Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing in Singapore

There are over 200+ hours of courses on our platform, and it costs USD300 per person per year.

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The top reasons your peers use our platform are;

  • A one-stop-shop solution
  • Saves you money - usually 80 percent plus of what you currently spend on less meaningful continuous professional development.
  • In some circumstances you will be entitled to an IBF rebate / subsidy. (in Singapore)
  • You are invited to attend high quality Hubbis physical events that also entitle you to CPD/CPT
  • You are invited to over 30 hours of virtual (online) events that also entitle you to CPD/CPT
  • Enables you to meet your compliance and regulatory obligations.
  • Training is interactive, meaningful and assessed.
  • Training is practical and created by actual wealth management practitioners and experienced professionals.
  • Training material is refreshed and improved regularly – based on feedback.
  • When the regulator audits your staff’s professional development - you have appropriate, structured, documented training reports on a professional platform to show them. Not the back of an envelope or an excel spreadsheet.
  • You can visibly be seen to invest in the training and development of your front-line staff in a proper and robust way.
  • Ability to upload ALL internal and external training records to the platform to track total CPT hours


Linh Nguyen
Senior Associate
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Nov 30, 2022   

DIGITAL ASSETS IN WEALTH MANAGEMENT FORUM 2022 Hubbis is delighted to announce we will be hosting the inaugural HUBBIS DIGITAL ASSETS IN WEALTH MANAGEMENT FORUM on Wednesday 30th November at the Andaz Hotel in Singapore. The event will feature our half-day-plus format to deliver the most efficient and engaging discussions and networking, beg...