Company overview:

Launched in 2019, YieldX is reimagining Fixed Income with a groundbreaking, quant technology-powered platform that makes fixed income investing accessible to all. The digital, end-to-end platform enables retail investors access to products that allow them to benefit from the core tenets of investing – asset allocation, portfolio diversification, compounding, risk-adjusted returns and cost minimization.

Built by an experienced team of technologists, quants and fixed income portfolio managers, the platform underpins five liquid yield-driven solutions – Income Portfolio as a Service (InPaaS), BestFit, Asset Explorer, Optimizer and LadderBuilder. These solutions collectively model and simulate different portfolio scenarios and run complex optimizations across various asset types including corporate and muni bonds, ETFs, CEFs, mutual funds, preferred securities and treasuries. Personalized portfolios are constructed in a matter of seconds and are designed to enhance the yield and reduce the risk.

Users including wealth managers, asset managers, broker deals, fintech firms and more may access the solutions via four products – through the YieldX Hub featuring the YieldX platform, as Embedded Apps on the investors’ platform, through APIs, or as investment products such as the YieldX Optimized Liquid Income (YOLI) Index.

Based in Miami, FL, YieldX has offices in New York and Singapore, with the latter serving clients in APAC and Europe.

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