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Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Ltd. (TLB) is a recognised leading HNW life insurance provider with extensive expertise in all aspects of HNW wealth protection, including handling large sums assured and complex cases supporting legacy and business planning. Transamerica has been in Asia for over 90 years and has been a pioneer in managing universal life portfolios for over 40 years. TLB was awarded an “Outstanding Responsible Insurer (2021)” award and “Best in Class” award for its Universal Life Alpha Pro/Century at the 12th Benchmark Wealth Management Awards in Hong Kong.  TLB is part of the Aegon Group, an integrated, diversified, international financial services group that offers investment, protection, and retirement solutions. Further information about TLB is available here:

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Oct 18, 2023   

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Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Offices

58/F One Island East 1
8 Westlands Road Island East
Hong Kong
852-2506 0311
[email protected]

1 Finlayson Green #13-00
65-6212 0620
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Milner Place
32 Victoria Street Top Floor
441-278 8557