Hubbis is delighted to announce we will be hosting the HUBBIS WEALTH SOLUTIONS FORUM in Hong Kong on Wednesday 18th October.

The event will feature the half-day-plus format we introduced with great success in 2022 to deliver the most efficient and engaging agenda, discussions and networking, beginning at 9.00am and ending at 2.00pm after lunch (for those that would like to stay). 

Passing wealth to the next generation can be a complex and challenging task for any family, and this is particularly true for Asian ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) families.

The event is supported by leading professional services firms that help UHNW families address these challenges. Providing advice and guidance on wealth transfer strategies, tax planning, legal and regulatory compliance, and family governance. These firms also provide access to specialised expertise in areas such as trust and estate planning, philanthropy, HNW Insurance and investment management. The forum covers all the topics necessary so UHNW families, so they can better navigate the challenges of wealth transfer and ensure the successful preservation of their wealth to future generations.

Estate & Legacy planning is core to the proposition for many wealth management leaders today

Whereas a decade or two ago, private banks and independent wealth management businesses (EAMs) paid only little attention to estate, succession and legacy planning for their clients and focused almost exclusively on investments, today such advice around robust planning has become more front and centre of their propositions. Is it a profit centre in itself today? Perhaps not, but it is increasingly considered essential to a more complete or holistic engagement with HNW and UHNW clients, as well as a portal to a broader relationship with the family and the next generations.

Key elements of the event:

  • 5 specialist presentations
  • 4 panel discussions
  • A unique get-together enabling delegates to meet with 200+ leading wealth management practitioners from local, regional and international Private Banks, Commercial and Investment Banks, Independent Wealth Management Firms, Family Offices, IFAs, Insurance Companies, Fiduciary Services Firms & Trustees, Lawyers, Consultants and others…
  • An unprecedented opportunity to hear from more than 20 local and international speakers who are well-known experts in the digital solutions and wealth management community
  • Networking coffee and refreshment breaks
  • Lunch for those who wish to stay
  • And…the event will qualify for 3.5 hours of CPD

These are some of the key topics that will be covered in the Forum:

  • What are the ‘new’ trends in legacy and estate planning?
  • What are the ‘tools’ you use today and how is this changing?
  • What are the most common concerns of HNW and UHNW clients and how are expectations evolving?
  • Wealth and succession planning: enhance or reshape?
  • How are you helping clients facilitate effective wealth transfer to the next generation?
  • Is there a need for portable solutions as wealthy families become increasingly mobile?
  • Finding the best advisory services and solutions – how do you maximise partnerships with the right specialists?
  • What specific trends are we seeing from mainland Chinese clients?
  • What can Hong Kong do to retain its competitive edge as a key wealth hub in Asia?

And to give you even more understanding of what you can expect from the 2023 event, you can click this link to view the Agenda and Speakers from our very successful 2022 event in Singapore. CLICK HERE

And by the way, here is a link to selected reports and videos from that very successful 2022 Forum in Sinapore. CLICK HERE

Oct 18


Hong Kong


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Oct 18


Hong Kong


Nancy Chien

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Zac Lucas

Spencer West

Tan Woon Hum

Shook Lin & Bok

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Lee Woon Shiu

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Oct 18


Hong Kong





Oct 18


Hong Kong


“Planning is really a core part of what we do as a multifamily office and EAM. We have seen our US and European clients requiring more such advice and support and we are seeing very strong demand from families now in Asia, including a focus on succession, the next generations, retirement, tax, legacy, philanthropy, and so forth. It is now far less common to find clients who just want their money managed. Yes, planning advisory and support is labour intensive, and work on investments is much more profitable, but planning advisory is actually incredibly powerful in terms of relationships.”

“Many of those conversations are really not about money, and more about legacy, solutions, helping set realisable goals, and having then some peace of mind.”

Is Hong Kong a good base today for wealth management and advisory?

Hong Kong has had its share of troubles and reputational issues in recent years, but as China and Hong Kong reopen fully, many remain positive are highly optimistic about its future.

“A major topic currently is family offices, with the Hong Kong family office tax exemptions and incentives coming through soon, This will certainly provide Singapore with a lot more competition. Yes, Singapore has really taken the limelight in recent years, but as people see what Hong Kong has to offer they will see the advantages here, including the accessibility to China as a major plus for many families in the same way as it might be a big negative for other families. The narrative will change.”

Wealth structuring and estate planning

Approaching private clients on matters of wealth structuring and estate planning is difficult anywhere in the world, and perhaps especially sensitive in some parts of Asia. The October 18 Hubbis Wealth Solutions Forum (Hong Kong) will see an erudite group of expert speakers review the state of the wealth management industry in the region, and in particular survey the evolution of carefully planned and well-executed wealth, estate and succession planning and structuring, all from the perspective of the engagement with the client base and the nurturing of the right types of discussions around these important subjects.

The mission is to help unravel the nuances of the right approaches, and how the wealth industry and associated advisors can encourage private clients in the region to adopt the best products, solutions and structures to safeguard and build their investible wealth in their lifetimes, as well as to help facilitate the transition of their estate to their loved ones later on.

Estate and succession planning & solutions are certainly key areas for rising emphasis in Asia, as the founder generations age and as the younger generations return from overseas armed with their Western education. Our expert speakers will pay especial attention to the key private client markets for Hong Kong, especially China and North Asia, and analyse what particular requirements those types of private clients have, and how Hong Kong is providing the right type of tailored approach and solutions to them, as well as to other Asian and indeed global clients.

For wealth management to thrive in Asia and out of Hong Kong, there is accordingly no doubt that the quality of advice on investments, wealth structuring, and estate planning must all improve; hence there is a growing emphasis on both the professionalisation and related expansion of the products and solutions the broad remit of the wealth industry and professional services and fiduciary firms can offer in order to keep their private clients engaged, and well organised.

Join us on Wednesday 18th October for what will be an insightful, informative, and thought-provoking event. And remember, to give you even more understanding of what you can expect from the 2023 event, you can click this link to view the Agenda and Speakers from our very successful 2022 Singapore event. CLICK HERE

Oct 18


Hong Kong


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