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Professional Services

Company overview:

PraxisIFM is an independent financial services group, providing private client, corporate, fund, pension and international expansion services across multiple global jurisdictions.

Listed on The International Stock Exchange, PraxisIFM has a high number of staff owning shares, meaning our teams are truly invested in the business and the services we provide to corporate clients, individuals and families.

PraxisIFM’s Private Client & Corporate Services teams specialise in the establishment and administration of a wide range of structures and provide services to achieve objectives such as asset protection, wealth and succession planning, as well as for philanthropy.

Each client has a unique set of personal, family and business circumstances which play a significant part in determining their financial needs, aspirations and expectations.

We have offices in 19 global jurisdictions, including Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi. Our PraxisIFM Hong Kong Private Client offering includes a wide range of bespoke professional services to an international client base.

We have significant experience in assisting all types of clients with their succession and estate planning needs. We pride ourselves on being able to support clients with our global offering from within Asia.

Our teams deliver a highly responsive and proactive service which centres around client relationships and ensuring that we demonstrate our expertise in action on a daily basis.

We also pride ourselves on long term relationships with our clients, their advisors and professional intermediaries.

Our services include:

•  Trust services
•  Corporate formation and secretarial services
•  Visa and immigration assistance
•  Accounting and bookkeeping
•  Regulated intermediary formation services for BVI companies

Our Business Development Manager in Hong Kong, Novia Lu, has more than 10 years’ experience in financial services in Asia. She speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese and conversational Fujianese.

Key contacts

Melanie Ison, Managing Director, PraxisIFM Nerine (Hong Kong) Ltd
T+ 852 3125 1201 E:

Novia Lu Business Development Manager, PraxisIFM Nerine (Hong Kong) Ltd
T +852 3125 1209 E


Products & services:

  • • Professional Services

Key contacts

Novia Lu

Business Development Manager

Melanie Ison

Managing Director, Hong Kong

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