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Matthews Asia

Company overview:

At Matthews Asia, we believe in the long-term growth of Asia, concentrating our efforts and expertise exclusively within the region.

As an independent, privately owned firm, Matthews is the largest dedicated Asia investment specialist in the United States with US$26.9 billion in assets under management as of 31 December 2014.

We have focused on investing in Asia since 1991, investing through a variety of market environments. Matthews employs a bottom-up, fundamental investment philosophy, with a focus on long-term investment performance. Our investment offerings provide a broad range of strategies for building a global portfolio that includes exposure to one of the world’s fastest-growing regions. For more information about Matthews, please

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Matthews Asia shines a light for active investment strategies Matthews Asia has been investing in Asia’s small-cap stocks since the firm’s inception in 1991. More than 25 years later, the firm sticks to its long-term, active management, bottom-up strategy. For the firm’s Asia small companies strategy, this philosophy is reaping solid rewards.