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Company overview:

Malabar AI is a new fintech Lifestyle AI company. Our visions are two folds, to offer a "continuous advice platform" and to provide "isometric focus product independent" advice platform. Our "continuous advice" commitment means our platform is responsive, capable of generating advice in near real time, thus giving our financial advisers and their clients the capability to quickly response to dynamic changes of the 21st century.

Our "isometric focus and product independent advice" means our platform brings the latest best financial practices with jurisdiction considerations, thus capable to analyse the cause and effect of every decision. Our focus is to enable our platform to provide our financial advisers and their clients a complete 720 degrees view of the advice given thus, ensure advice given are the best of the breed. By focusing on these visions, our platform aims to win back the public expectation of good financial advice we will help develop increased trust in the financial advisory industry.

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Digital & Technology

Malabar AI offers clients the 720-degree solution Malabar AI describes itself as a ‘Fintech Lifestyle AI company’, with a vision - to offer a ‘continuous financial advice platform’, to provide an ‘isometrically focused product independent’ advice platform and a strategic transformative paradigm shift in financial advisory channels. Donald Soo, Grou...

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