Citadel Group

Company overview:

The founding of the Group is a reflection of why we exist…to strengthen and secure the financial well-being of clients and our partners. The long term objective to establish ourselves as the premier provider of reliable and secure wealth strategies that encompasses all expectations. Our diverse businesses and independence give us insight into the entire market and the stability needed to think and act for the benefit of those we serve.


Our vision – To be the leading provider of our clients’ financial needs, offering the most reliable, consistent and secured products and services in the market.

Our mission – To fervently assist our clients in all aspects of accumulating, preserving and distributing wealth, assuring them of financial success and peace of mind.


Gratitude: Respect for ourselves and others. Grateful for our blessings and helping others see theirs.

Partnership: Authentic and passionate engagement with our clients and our staff towards meaningful, extraordinary results and relationships. We are committed to providing our employees with opportunities for professional and personal development.

Accountability: A promise to those we serve and to ourselves to continually improve, raise our standards, and exert all efforts in ensuring a satisfying and a fulfilled experience for all.

Trust & Integrity: We are honest and true in all of our actions and relationships, with a willingness to drive those ideals within the organization and our partners.

Passion: Having enthusiasm and passion for our profession while creating a happy and healthy environment.

The latest events from Citadel Group

Mar 29, 2023   

INDONESIA WEALTH MANAGEMENT FORUM - 2023 Hubbis was delighted to host our annual Indonesia Wealth Management event in Jakarta on March 29 for the Private Wealth Management Community. The event focused on the evolution of wealth management in Indonesia’s maturing and diversifying market. We hosted panel discussions and presentat...