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Philipp Piaz



Joining Credit Suisse in 1998 as an analyst, Philipp Piaz commenced his comprehensive career in private banking and wealth management. During his time at Credit Suisse, Philipp held a number of senior roles, relocating from Zürich to Singapore in 2001 to undertake Thailand Private Client Business Development in his role as Vice President. In 2004, Philipp joined the senior management of Deutsche Bank AG, with whom he was affiliated for 5 years. In his role as Director, Philipp was responsible for the development of Deutsche Bank’s Thai Private Client Business. In 2009, he became Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Finaport, overseeing the expansion of the firm's Asian operations. Philipp is a founding member of the Association of Independent Asset Managers (AIAM) in Singapore, and was appointed President of the AIAM in 2018. Philipp undertook Elementary Studies of Economics and Law at University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.