Andrew Hull

Chief Executive

Todd Family Office


Andrew Hull is the Chief Executive of the Todd Family Office, having joined the New Zealand based family business in 2016. Andrew brings extensive financial services experience having held senior management roles in global investment banking and wealth management organisations in both Asia and London over a 15 year period. During this time he was responsible for functions spanning strategy, business management and strategic change management. Andrew counts among his achievements the establishment of multiple award-winning private banking and trust administration businesses across such diverse geographies as Japan, India and Singapore. Andrew is a Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University of Wellington.

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Asset Management

How do you Run a Family Office Efficiently and Successfully? When you establish and then operate a family office, what are the key elements to consider and then get right? What is the right structure, staffing and what do you handle in-house and what do you outsource? How do you select your vendors and partners? These were some of the key questions addressed....

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