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Bert-Jan van Essen is the Managing Director for Asia for Additiv, a Zurich-based leading provider of digital wealth management solutions. As the Managing Director for Asia, joining in April of 2019, van Essen heads a team of sales, product and delivery managers in Singapore and Vietnam, contributing to the continuation of the firm’s growth drive in the region. Prior to joining Additiv, he was the Chief Technology Officer for Privé Technologies, building its API Platform that allows banks and wealth managers to connect. In addition, Bert-Jan van Essen founded and was the Chief Executive Officer of Dragon Wealth, and was the APAC CIO of Private Banking at Credit Suisse.

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Digital & Technology

Complex enterprise software CAN be self-service — even in the financial industry As we continue to endure the incumbency of the Covid-19 pandemic, the role technology has to play in the financial services industry has become universally apparent. As firms across the board race to ameliorate their technology offerings, additiv’s Bert-Jan van Essen explicates the options available....

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The Dawn of a New Era: The Implications for Digital Technology & Solutions in WM

The truth is that nobody on planet earth knows how this pandemic will play out and whether the world we share will return to its former shape sooner, later or perhaps never in quite the same form. But what we do know is that the...