Full Agenda

Keynote Address
Chair Opening Remarks: Why we are here!
Malik S. Sarwar
K2 Leaders
Panel discussion
Private wealth management - a time of dramatic change
  • In comparison to ten years ago; What has changed? What has not changed?
  • What’s Hong Kong doing to improve the value proposition in wealth management?
  • How can you transition clients to the next generation of bankers?
  • Are you ready for the intergenerational wealth transfer?
  • Is the next generation willing to Bank with daddy’s banker?
  • Which countries are the focus? Which clients are the focus? What segments are the focus?
  • How do clients want to be serviced today?
  • How can you get the right people and proposition in front of the right clients?
  • Have incentives changed?
  • How has the competitive environment changed?
  • Is hiring top performers sustainable? What’s the focus on training/hiring/grooming young talent?
  • Is the relationship manager less important today?
  • The sales process, operational alignment and admin alignment
Vincent Magnenat
Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific
Lombard Odier
Anna Wong
Professor of Practice in Finance
Hong Kong University
Nick Pollard
Managing Director, Asia Pacific
CFA Institute
Kees Stoute
Chief Executive Officer, North Asia
EFG Bank
Dr. Silvio Struebi
Simon-Kucher & Partners
Globalization 4.0 - World is on the move
Jennifer Lai
Managing Partner, Head of North Asia
Henley & Partners
  • Global migration trends
  • HNWIs Going Global
  • Current Development  & Overview of Residence and Citizenship Programs
Cyprus Revitalized: How to Capitalize on the Island’s reform?
Yiannos Trisokkas
Managing Partner
Casamont Cyprus
  • Cyprus Investment Program
  • Benefits of Cyprus when structuring your wealth
  • Cyprus investment opportunities
Panel discussion
Delivering investment products and advice to clients – time to re-think everything?
  • Transparency, Margins, Costs and Fees – what’s changing? 
  • How must we tweak the investment models? 
  • What digital expectations do clients have? 
  • As transactional revenue reduces how do you compensate? 
  • What's the future of Discretionary and Advisory Portfolio Management? 
  • Connecting customer data to market data – what does this mean? 
  • What’s the role of technology and AI? 
  • Are FinTech’s and Tech Giants threatening our business model?
Patrick Donaldson
Head of Market Development, Wealth Management – Asia Pacific & Japan
Tariq Dennison
Wealth Manager, US-Asia
GFM Asset Management
Aman Dhingra
Managing Director, Head of Advisory - Singapore
Sebastien Chaker
Executive Director, Head of Sales & Relationship Management, UBS Fondcenter - Asia Pacific
UBS Asset Management
Jean-Louis Nakamura
Chief Investment Officer, Asia Pacific - Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong
Lombard Odier
Alison Brown
Director & Head of Sales, Wholesale Business, Hong Kong and China
HSBC Global Asset Management
Revenues at Risk – Why wealth managers have to rethink their revenue mix
Dr. Silvio Struebi
Simon-Kucher & Partners
  • What does the current revenue mix of wealth managers in Asia look like? 
  • Which revenue streams are highly likely to decline in the near future? 
  • How can Wealth Managers and Private Banks achieve a shift towards more recurring revenue streams?
Refreshment & Networking
Revisiting Family Governance
Marcus Hinkley
Head of Private Client Services - Asia

Will your family destroy your wealth, or will your wealth destroy your family?

Family dynamics should always be considered by Wealth advisers when structuring a wealth succession plan. In this presentation Marcus Hinkley will consider relevant family issues surrounding the succession of wealth, be it family governance, what’s in a family constitution, the impact of divorce, second marriages, balancing the expectations of children or the effects on family wealth of living longer.

Overview of Private Trust Companies in Hong Kong
Christiaan de Bruyn
Director, Trust Services
Trident Trust
  • Why have PTC’s become so popular for wealthy families?
  • Benefits of having a PTC to manage and preserve family wealth over the long term.
  • Importance of proper structuring of the PTC to avoid disaster scenarios. Who should sit on the Board of Directors of the PTC?
  • Comparison of regulatory requirements in HK, Singapore, BVI
Malta for wealth management: a hub in Europe at 5.6% GDP YoY growth
Federico Vasoli
Director, dMTV - International Legal and Tax Guidance, Member of FinanceMalta
  • What is driving Malta’s growth in an otherwise slower continent
  • The Asia-Malta combination: taxes and technologies
  • Malta’s solutions in wealth management
Choosing the right investment product for the current market environment
Agnes Shea
Co-Head Private Banking Sales Asia
Leonteq Securities
  • What is popular with investors at the moment?
  • How investment products can complement your clients´ portfolios
  • Keeping the flexibility
Private Banking: A new point of view
Evrard Bordier
CEO and Managing Partner
Bordier & Cie
  • Building a private bank: 3 strategic questions
  • Pillars of building a private bank
  • The partnership approach
Head - to - Head Q & A
What are the emerging trends we are seeing in digital wealth management
Damien Piper
Regional Director, Asia
  • Tell us a little bit about what Finantix does 
  • What are the emerging trends you see in digital wealth management?
  • How have some of the wealth managers applied A.I.?
  • What priorities does Finantix have this year?
The HNW Insurance Market has Changed – Here’s how you win
David Varley
Chief High Net Worth Officer, Hong Kong
Sun Life Financial
  • What’s happening in the HNW Market?
  • How HNW Brokers, Bankers, EAM can adapt to win in the new HNW Insurance Market
  • What are the new Products and Trends in HNW Market
  • Why should Bankers and Financial Advisers be interested in HNW Insurance
The Human Advantage
David MacDonald
Head of Learning Solutions
  • Trust me - I’m not a robot
  • Relationships rule OK!
  • Why you?
Room A – Workshop
Managing Risk in Asian Equity Markets

Asian equity market risk is double the level of risk experienced in Asian markets in 2017. How have you positioned your investment portfolio in response?

You should attend this workshop if you want to participate in a practical, hands on discussion about implementing better risk management and diversification to improve investment performance while reducing risk in Asian equity markets.

Harold Kim, CEO of Neo Risk Investment Advisors, will be sharing some of his thoughts on the recent performance of Asian markets and ways active risk management and diversified alpha exposure can improve performance.

  • What are your current investment allocations, and what changes have you made since 2017 and during the course of 2018?
  • Managing and understanding risk — how do you estimate risk, and how does it impact your investment process?
  • How do you think Asian equity markets will perform in 2019?
  • How can you use dynamic risk management to improve performance?
  • Are there better diversifying alpha allocations available for equity markets?
Harold Kim
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Neo Risk Investment Advisors
Room B – Workshop
Leading Residence and Citizenship-By-Investment Programmes
  • Overview of Immigration programmes
  • European Citizenship-by-Investment in Malta and Cyprus
  • EB-5 is not the last solution to the US
  • Thailand Elite – The exclusive residence programmes in Asia
Qishi Fu
Senior Manager
Henley & Partners
Jonathan Tang
Henley & Partners
Room A – Workshop
Enhancing your impact to delight clients!
  • Five habits of effective advisers
  • Becoming the differentiated adviser
  • Become the primary advisor through continuous self-enhancement
  • Sales manager as effective leaders and coaches 
  • How do you engage clients in challenging markets?
  • Where is the return now?
  • Simple solutions to discuss with clients today.
Malik S. Sarwar
K2 Leaders
Room B – Workshop
ESG Investing and Climate risk – Risks, Opportunities and Concerns
  • What drives the demand for ESG Integration Investment?
  • What can go wrong with ESG Investing and possible solutions?
  • Climate risk and valuations: The case of China A-Shares
Entela Benz-Saliasi
Associate Professor, Dept. of Finance
Refreshment & Networking
Panel discussion
Product Gatekeepers – Leaders Conversation
  • What are the main investment themes and the products that will be most relevant in 2019?
  • How has the Investment environment changed in Asia from 2017 to 2019?
  • How will you generate income in 2019? What is your client’s expectation on yield today?
  • Managing and understanding risk — how do you estimate risk, and how does it impact your investment process?
  • How do you think Asian equity market performance will be in 2019?
  • What is interesting in the fixed income and credit universe today?
  • What’s your view on global equity markets?
  • Is there an increasing interest in ESG?
  • What's the outlook for emerging markets?
  • Is the US market over heated? Are we heading to the next financial crisis in 2020?
  • Is Asia warming to index and ETF products?
  • What’s the interest of private clients today in;
    • Alternatives
    • Private equity
    • Hedge funds
    • Infrastructure
    • Property
Thor Monsen
Head of Hedge Funds, APAC
Citi Private Bank
Arjan de Boer
Deputy Chief Executive, Head of MIS, Asia Markets, Investments & Structuring, Asia
Indosuez Wealth Management
Angel Wu
Managing Director, Head of Product Management Group
Bank of Singapore
Simon Godfrey
Senior Vice President, Head of Products
EFG Bank
Matthew Chan
Senior Consultant
Michael Levin
Head of Asset Management, Asia Pacific
Credit Suisse Asset Management
Panel discussion
Product Manufacturers – Leaders Conversation
  • How has the recent US government shut down affected the US company’s business planning?
  • Has Trump really delivered US domestic growth since being in office? Can you recap his major policies & objectives?
  • What’s the outlook for US Small and Mid-Cap Equities?
  • What’s the outlook for global equities?
  • How will monetary policy effect markets this year?
  • Is GOLD an interesting asset class today? What’s its role in a client portfolio?
  • What’s the difference between physical and paper gold?
  • How do you generate income today?
  • What new money-market funds have we seen in Hong Kong?
  • What developments have we seen for ETFs and Passive funds in Asia?
  • How do you think Asian equity market performance will be in 2019?
  • How are you managing risk in Asian equities to improve investment performance?
  • Has property as an asset class will lost its lustre?
  • Are diamonds a good or bad investment?
  • What are the common fallacies about the value of diamonds?
  • Are diamonds classed as a commodity?
Thorsten Becker
Senior Fund Manager
J O Hambro Capital Management
Tobias Bland
Chief Executive Officer
Enhanced Investment Products
Harold Kim
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Neo Risk Investment Advisors
Sally Ryder
Founder & CEO
Ryder Diamonds
Joshua Rotbart
Managing Partner
J. Rotbart & Co.
Steven Cohen
Chief Investment Officer
CBM Investment Management
Closing remarks
Chairman’s Closing Remarks: key learnings to apply
Malik S. Sarwar
K2 Leaders
Forum End