Entela Benz-Saliasi
Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept. of Finance

Since 2008, Professor Benz-Saliasi serves as Adjunct Associate Professor at Department of Finance, HKUST Business School, teaching a variety of courses such as Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives, Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management, Sustainable Investing for Master as well as undergraduate level. Alongside teaching, she has been acting as consultant/advisor to various NGO or market players with focus on Impact Investing and/or Responsible Investments, ESG Investing and Impact Measurement. In her consulting role, she has implemented several advanced impact measurement methods such as randomized control techniques, SROI and GRII for several organizations in HK and Asia. Professor Benz-Saliasi has been undertaking various industry projects on analyzing and pricing social, environment and governance (ESG) indicators into firm’s financials and portfolio asset allocation. Currently, she sits on The Hong Kong Green Finance Association ESG Integration working group, the Board of Advisors of International Care Ministries (ICM), as well as the Friend Of Earth NGO Advisory Board. Through her consultancy and on behalf of HKUST Business School, she has delivered ESG training for companies such as Tencent Holding Limited, Citibank India, as well as Open Enrollment Executive Education courses on ESG for Asset Managers and Asset Owners. In 2003, she graduated with a PhD in Financial Asset Management and Engineering (FAME /Swiss Finance Institute) from HEC – University of Lausanne, Switzerland, also holding a MPhil in International Economics from HEI- Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland and Certificate of Finance from Linacre College, Oxford University. In addition to teaching, she currently co-founded a start-up that aims to use deep learning for ESG Investing and Climate Risk Integration. In late 2016 Professor Benz-Saliasi founded Ipsum Opus Limited a cloud based data analytics company. Until 2007, she worked as Interest Rate Derivatives Strategist for UBS Investment Bank, Hong Kong. Back in 1999, she worked as Financial Analyst for Longitude Investment SA, a fund of hedge funds based in Geneva, Switzerland. Prior to that, in 1996, she helped create and establish the Department of Trading Supervision of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Albania. She recently published two Harvard Business Review cases studies on ESG integration on company valuation. Her current research interest focuses on climate risk impact on financials and green bonds. Previous academic research is on venture capitalist contracting and tech firm valuations using real option pricing techniques as well as Portfolio Optimization with credit default risk.