What’s the benefit of buying pre-IPO and private investments?

Jeffrey Fang


Jeffrey Fang, Chief Corporate Officer, CapBridge tells Hubbis how private opportunities can diversify and augment the Asian high net worth investor’s portfolio.

CapBridge offers high growth private deals that are a must in the Asian high net worth investor’s portfolio, Fang says. 

 “All private opportunities are very often high growth in nature, or they have great potential waiting to be unlocked, and because of that they are seeking funding,” he reasons. 

Compared to publicly listed companies, he says, private growth potential is tremendous. And private opportunities allow individuals with assets or with capital to deploy to diversify their existing portfolio. “And of course, if these private opportunities eventually go public then there is another growth opportunity right there,” he adds. “So, getting in early, especially into exclusive high-value deals, we believe can create a better return to the longer-term.”

As with any other investment opportunities though, private opportunities to come with risks, Fang cautions, but the firm does much to mitigate that risk.
Given that CapBridge opens up opportunities in the pre-IPO space, it is evident that these are companies gearing for exit pathways, he says, and that provides a level of clarity for returns in that space. “Companies on the CapBridge platform do have to fit certain criteria,” he says. “First of all, they are to be revenue-generating of a certain size; they tend to be sought after by investors as well and are not just any company.”
“At the end of the day, what we do is to put a suite of companies that qualify our criteria on the platform, which lead investors would do their due diligence on and unlock the round of investments, and then co-investors would follow suit,” he explains. 

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