CapBridge - matching exclusive private assets with relevant investors

Jeffrey Fang


Jeffrey Fang, Chief Corporate Officer, CapBridge tells Hubbis of the innovative way the firm’s platform matches investors and high growth pre-IPO companies.

CapBridge is a private institutional capital raising platform that primarily addresses the funding gap that companies face before going public, Fang explains. 

“We offer accredited investors and institutional investors exclusive access to pre-IPO growth companies,” he says. “We believe that we are catalysing capital flow and providing opportunities for everyone.” 

CapBridge was started in 2015 and it claims to have actively built up a pipeline of deals as well as an extensive database of investors in the last three years. 

Based out of Singapore, the business has a very healthy deal pipeline from the US apart from Asia. 

Investors, Fang explains, create a profile of investment criteria on joining. “This profile powers up whatever deal flow that fits your appetite,” he says. “You get opportunities to buy into these deals either as a lead investor or following other expert lead investors.”

The same process happens on the company front. “Companies come to us seeking capital and list on our platform,” he explains. We give a description of the company operations as well as the sort of funding they’re looking for.” 

Currently, the platform sees a range of companies from the traditional brick and mortar business models to a variety of medical technology, health, and life science-based companies. “Right now, we are sector-agnostic,” he says. “We look for companies that are growing rapidly because that’s where CapBridge can most efficiently optimise and support their fundraising needs.”

Fang explains that they are not exactly replacing how fundraising was done in the past but rather optimising it. “Traditional fundraising is driven very much by a linear process. You go to a banker. The banker brings you on a roadshow to meet potential investors,” he explains. “That process still takes place.”

CapBridge complements the process by basically powering up the opportunities available, he says. “You let the algorithm run, which matches everybody’s deal appetite with the relevant deals,” he says, which is more efficient for both investors and companies. 

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