Philippines Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Highlights - Karen Liza M. Roa

Karen Liza M. Roa


First Metro Asset Management

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  • 1. What are the challenges and opportunities for the industry?

    There will always be opportunities in the industry regardless of the time in history, but currently I think the opportunities are that there are a lot of products coming on board. I think the globalisation of the investment industry has introduced a lot of exposure and a lot of engineering. That's allowing us to actually take a look into the future of what's available and being able to apply it here. These are the opportunities. The rising affluence of the market is also an opportunity for us to be able to provide the needs to the market and as the economy is growing I think that affluent market will begin to increase. On the challenges, it's really reaching the market that we want to target, being relevant to them, providing the value to them. In our on one hand there's some opportunities in being able to provide products, but on the other hand it's how to be able to address the market needs and knowing what their needs are and reaching out and connecting with them.