Panel Discussion - Working and Living in the UAE

Dominic Volek of Henley & Partners

Sep 26, 2022

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For institutional, professional investors and financial intermediaries only and not for retail or public use.

Panel Discussion - Working and Living in the UAE

  • Ease of residency and doing business coupled with world class education, healthcare and housing enables individuals to secure a lifestyle that makes the UAE an attractive place to reside.  Who is arriving and why?
  • How did covid change clients thinking around mobility and living choices? How did UAE benefit and embrace this opportunity?
  • What are different visa options that clients have? Do clients get confused? Which is best? And how attractive have remote working visas been?
  • How attractive has it become for specific sectors like Family Offices or Digital Assets?


Dominic Volek
Group Head of Private Clients
Henley & Partners

Panel Members

Hans Diederen
Executive Advisor (Asia)
Apollo Capital

Philippe Amarante
Managing Partner, Head of Dubai and Pakistan
Henley & Partners

Sunita Singh-Dalal
Partner, Private Client & Family Offices
Hourani & Partners


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