Panel Discussion - Globalisation of Wealthy Indian Clients

Dominic Volek of Henley & Partners

Sep 13, 2023

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  • What are the current Trends and Concerns for International Families?
  • We do love that term ‘Family Office’ – what does it even mean in reality?
  • How do wealthy Indians structure their offshore wealth in a way away that is compatible with Indian tax and legal regulations?
  • What's the role of the UAE, Singapore and elsewhere? Which centres are likely to be most attractive in the future?
  • Have families adequately considered transitioning to family offices – from operating wealth to investment wealth?
  • How can you protect assets and wealth for the next generation?
  • What are the trends around citizenship and migration?


Dominic Volek
Group Head of Private Clients
Henley & Partners

Panel Members

Shreya Rao
AZB & Partners

Zac Lucas
Partner – International Private Wealth
Spencer West

Lee Woon Shiu
Managing Director & Group Head of Wealth Planning, Family Office & Insurance Solutions
DBS Private Bank

Sean Coughlan
Managing Director, Singapore
Trident Trust

Sunita Singh-Dalal
Partner, Private Wealth & Family Offices
Hourani & Partners


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