Panel Discussion - Impact Investing and Microfinance Present Exciting Opportunities for Asian Private Clients

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  • Impact Investment – how would you explain this opportunity? How do you engage this opportunity?
  • Financial Returns with Social Impact – what does this mean in reality?
  • Impact Investment – trends and developments in Asia and Emerging Europe. Is the market growing?
  • How can this provide diversification to portfolios?
  • Impact investing is not philanthropy and doesn't have to be discretionary. Can you generate health returns in the environmental space just because of the macro tailwinds from climate change?
  • For family offices, is the biggest opportunity the de-risking their core business?
  • How can you get investment exposure to high-yield, differentiated ‘real economy’ opportunities?
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – is this increasingly important?
  • How do European and Asian Family Office, Multi-Family Office and Ultra high net worth investment clients assess and manage their Impact Investment allocations?
  • What is the contribution to clients’ investment portfolios of micro finance investments, that have zero-correlation to equity-markets?
  • Due Diligence and Impact Measurement – what must you consider?


George Boubouras

Executive Director and Head of Research
K2 Asset Management

Panel Members

Diana Watson
Investment Manager
Tsao Family Office

Thomas Riber Knudsen
Director, ESG & Impact Investing
Rumah Group

Sylvie Khau
Managing Partner
Mastery Holdings

Michele Mattioda 

Mikro Kapital