Indian Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Highlights - Anupam Guha

Anupam Guha

Head of Private Wealth Management & Equity Advisory Group

ICICI Securities

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  • 1. What are the challenges and opportunities for this industry?

    From an opportunity perspective, obviously, we all know that structurally, I think, India's in a great place, right? There’s a lot of wealth creation that's happening, a lot of first-generation entrepreneurs coming in. So far, for people like us who are in this industry, there's a big opportunity to really capture that pie. And I think, as the country's developing, there are many steps that we need to take to really capture the imagination of, you know, our investors. From creating the right platform, to giving the right advice, to really helping customers daily in their journey of wealth creation, right? I think we have many steps to take. From an opportunity perspective, that's the big piece. From a challenge perspective, I think, as all industries that are evolving, there is a shortage of talent. We transitioned from a physical mode of engagement to a quasi-digital, figital engagement. So that's the journey that I think all of us will have to look at, with the margins coming down, which is good for our investors. And I think that will help ensure that the pie growth. I think we will all have to be more cost-conscious, and really, scale will become important for all of us; some of us who are industry leaders here working in aspects so as to follow these challenges.