Indian Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Rahul Gaitonde

Rahul Gaitonde


Cube Wealth

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  • 1. What does the word ‘platform’ mean to you?

    A Platform, really, is any service that you can add value on top of, that you can work with third parties, that they can build stuff to add value on top of. At Cube, we've been platform-oriented from day one, effectively because we built a service that let people go and live their lives while their money was taken care of, which meant that we had to work with all sorts of advisors, a range of asset classes, and provide personalised support. We had to build a platform that would let advisors come on board, offer their advisory services, and for us to be able to service it to our customers in a single consistent way, no matter how different the asset class, or the advisee or the period of advisory was. That’s really what a platform means and that's really what we built from day one.