Enhancing the Engagement with Clients

Michael Stanhope of Hubbis

Oct 10, 2023

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  • What is client engagement all about in the post-pandemic universe, how has it evolved and where is it heading?
  • Can the ‘human touch’ be replaced by digital?
  • How do you deliver advice while creating scalability?
  • How can you improve ‘portfolio solutions’ for clients?
  • How can digital help create the right ‘thematic’ engagements with clients?
  • CIO tools: How to source best in class products?
  • Risk oversight: How do you ensure risk and ESG suitability across advisors and clients?
  • Sales enablement: How do you assess current portfolios and proposed new solutions?
  • Client engagement: How do you increase client retention with value added insights?
  • Where and how can digital help private wealth management firms better engage with their clients?
  • How can the advice on offer be curated and delivered to be more relevant, more informative, more tailored and more engaging?


Michael Stanhope
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Panel Members

Adam Cowperthwaite
Head of Markets, Citi Global Wealth APAC
Citi Private Bank

Juan Aronna
Head, Investment Solutions and Products, RBC Wealth Management Asia
RBC Wealth Management

Stephanie Leung
Chief Investment Officer

Anthony Chan
Chief Executive Officer
Isola Capital

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