Demystifying Tokenisation & Mitigating Esoteric Risk in Digital Assets

Bediss Cherif of Kaiko

Nov 14, 2023

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Dive into the unfolding era of tokenization with our on-demand recording of a panel discussion co-hosted with Kaiko. The tokenization tide is rising with global asset managers leading the way by tokenizing specialist funds. Decentralized digital assets like Bitcoin signify a broader technological shift towards tokenization, already manifesting significantly through stablecoins backed by FIAT currencies and high-grade fixed income products. Japan, among other countries, has embraced this shift, legislating for the tokenization of FIAT currencies as stablecoins, while governments globally explore tokenizing national currencies for wholesale use. In our recent discussion with Kaiko, a cadre of experts dissect these developments, offering valuable insights into the tokenization trend and its impact on asset management. This recording provides a gateway to understanding the transformation underway in the financial sector. We hope you enjoy this look into the discussion.

View the photos from the discussion HERE.

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