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The Lumen Vietnam Fund (LVF) was founded in 2012 and celebrating its 10th year anniversary. We are proud to be the first UCITS fund investing in listed Vietnamese equities. With more than USD 260 million assets under management, it is one of the largest funds worldwide. A highly experienced team of analysts works exclusively for the fund in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The founder and manager of the fund, Mario Timpanaro works very closed with Ms. Van Anh Vuong and her team, to achieve a long-term above average capital gain for our investors. Furthermore, the LVF solely invests since 2013 in companies that contribute to sustainable economic growth are characterized by good corporate governance, a sustainable product portfolio and efficient use of resources. The fund is very proud of its strict ESG Investment criteria and only invests in firms that follow a strict rule in harmony with its core values.

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Investing in Growth & Seeking Value in one of Asia... On April 28, Hubbis held a virtual thought leadership event that focused on the rise of investment opportunities in Vietnam. Partnering Hubbis for the event was sole sponsor AQUIS Capital from Zurich.

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Nov 1, 2023   

HUBBIS INVESTMENT FORUM - Singapore 2023 We are delighted to report that we are soon to host the next annual Hubbis Investment Forum – Singapore on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, for the Private Wealth Management Community. The event will feature the typical full-day format for many of the larger Hubbis live events, aimed at deliver...