Hong Kong

ZA Bank launches investment fund service

Hong Kong’s virtual bank ZA Bank1 has officially launched its investment fund service, becoming the first virtual bank in town to offer a one-stop integrated personal financial platform, covering banking, investment, and insurance. As the city steps into the new era of “Virtual Banking 2.0”, let’s “buy funds via ZA Bank, and empower your finances today”.

Users can build their fund portfolios based on personal financial goals. Fund transactions are automatically settled directly from users’ savings accounts, enabling them to buy and sell funds in a hassle-free way anytime, anywhere. The in-app widgets such as "Investment Fund 101" and "Simple Screener" also give users a comprehensive understanding of each product’s features.


Rockson Hsu, CEO of ZA Bank, said: "Virtual banks are playing an increasingly important role under the new normal, addressing people’s financial needs around the clock with a fully digital servicing model. Following the debut of our insurance service last year, ZA Bank's banking services have now extended to the investment space. We kick-start our investment fund service with an excellent user experience, turning ZA Bank into a one-stop integrated digital financial platform that leads Hong Kong into the new era of 'Virtual Banking 2.0'. As a game changer in banking, ZA Bank strives to redefine investment fund experiences for our users by making investment easier and more autonomous.”