Hong Kong

Hang Seng Bank Celebrates 90 Years of Deep-rooted Connections with Hong Kong

Hang Seng Bank ( 'Hang Seng') marked its 90th anniversary today (3 March) with a joyful celebration that reinforced the Bank's commitment to helping customers, the community and Hong Kong to realise the boundless opportunities for prosperity and growth that lie ahead in the future.

Officiating guests at the celebratory event were led by The Hon John KC Lee, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; Irene Lee, Chairman of Hang Seng Bank; and Diana Cesar, Executive Director and Chief Executive of Hang Seng Bank.

Addressing attendees at the event, Irene Lee said: "Hang Seng has been serving Hong Kong for 90 years. Instilled by the service motto of our founders, we serve every customer with the utmost respect. With our dedication over the years, we have grown to become one of Hong Kong's most trusted brands. Looking forward, Hang Seng will work tirelessly to open up more opportunities for our customers as the mainland financial market continues to develop, and also do our part to create an even brighter future for Hong Kong and our customers."

Also speaking at the event, Diana Cesar said: "Hang Seng is pleased to have played a part in the great adventure that is Hong Kong. We are a fundamental part of the community – here through good times and difficult times. We have a legacy that has helped customers from all walks of life. We will continue to invest in people development, sustainable growth and technology innovation. At the same time, we will leverage the vast opportunities in the Greater Bay Area and provide innovative banking solutions to our customers."

To embrace the community in its anniversary celebrations, the Bank has transformed its Hong Kong Main Branch and Headquarters Building into a party venue. A series of exciting events and exhibitions will showcase Hang Seng's ceaseless innovations and how its journey of growth has been inextricably interlinked with that of Hong Kong. Hang Seng colleagues and their families have been invited to join the festivities along with members of the community and social welfare organisations this weekend.