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BEA Refreshes SupremeGold Service

The Bank of East Asia (BEA) has announced a major enhancement to its SupremeGold brand.

At the forefront of this new initiative are five key features that expand product and service offerings and provide digitally enhanced wealth management solutions that help customers grow their wealth and address their aspirations at different life stages.

Shirley Wong, General Manager, Head of Personal Banking Division, BEA, said: ““We believe that these enhanced features represent our adaptability in an increasingly dynamic market, and our commitment to meeting customers’ evolving needs in their wealth management processes. This step is the first of many in our pursuit of enhancing our support for customers and their finances – not only in Hong Kong but overseas. Together, we will harness a world of global opportunities and create wealth beyond borders.”

In a press release, BEA announced a number of key SupremeGold features:

Firstly - Diversified wealth management solutions by a team of experts. With our new advanced Wealth Intelligence analytical tool, relationship managers will understand customers’ financial needs better. Supported by a team of expert consultants, our relationship managers can provide customers with tailored wealth management solutions according to the latest developments in financial markets.

Secondly - Overseas property mortgage services. SupremeGold customers are eligible for preferential interest rates for our UK mortgage services, and our expert consultants can assist them in completing the entire mortgage application process in Hong Kong, enabling them to manage their UK mortgage needs hassle free. The Bank will also launch its mortgage services in the GBA in the near future.

Thirdly - An extensive network throughout the GBA. With over 100 outlets located in prime areas across the GBA, BEA Group’s network covers all nine Mainland cities in the GBA plus Hong Kong and Macau. In addition, 11 Cross-Border Financial Centres are located within our Hong Kong branches to meet the needs of cross-border customers. Customers are also welcome to visit the SupremeGold Centres throughout Mainland cities in the GBA where they can relax in a SupremeGold Lounge and learn more about BEA Group’s Mainland offerings. The Bank also waives fees for express remittance of funds into SupremeGold customers’ accounts with BEA China.

Fourthly - New digital mobile banking functions. Customers can access a wide range of investment functions via Mobile Wealth, and join counter service queues in advance through e-Ticketing. With BEA Flash, customers can open an account in six minutes, and instantly connect with customer service representatives via Live Chat.

And Finally - SupremeGold World Mastercard privileges. Available only to SupremeGold customers, the SupremeGold World Mastercard offers a variety of exclusive travel, dining and shopping privileges. Through the newly launched BEA Mall (BEA’s mobile shopping platform) within the BEA App, cardholders can utilise the Mastercard Pay with Rewards function to instantly offset any local or overseas spending with bonus points.

Furthermore, new customers who open a SupremeGold account through BEA Flash by 30th June, 2020 may receive a welcome reward of up to HKD6,910, says the firm.