Jacky Poh

Deputy Head Southeast Asia

Henley & Partners


Jacky Poh is the Deputy Managing Partner for Henley & Partners Singapore and is a member of the Investment Migration Council. Jacky specializes in residence- and citizenship-by-investment planning services for high-net-worth (HNW) private clients. He holds an MBA from the University of Manchester and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, specializing in ergonomics and with a minor in entrepreneurship. For the past decade, Jacky has managed HNW client assets in both local and foreign private banks in Asia. With his experience as a wealth management practitioner, he relates well to HNW individuals and is able to address clients’ concerns with the most appropriate solution. Jacky is proficient in both English and Mandarin.

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Citizenship and Residency – The Many Opportunities and Trends for the Year Ahead Jacky Poh, Deputy Head Southeast Asia for Henley & Partners gave delegates at the Hubbis Vietnam Wealth Management Forum on November 9 a lively and succinct presentation on the advantages of alternative residences or citizenships, highlighting domicile diversification as a new asset class, and intro....

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