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We were delighted to have held our Hubbis Vietnam Wealth Management Forum 2023 recently. 

A heartfelt thank you to our over 200 participants who came together to make the forum a vibrant, enlightening, and engaging experience.

The 2023 Vietnam Wealth Management Forum offered a platform for the brining together of both local and regional wealth management experts. These experts shared their insights into Vietnam's youthful yet maturing and diversifying wealth market, which is also becoming increasingly digital.

Many thanks to our partners: Comarch, Henley & Partners, VinaCapital, Evooq, Avaloq, Synpulse and Wealtra.

And to our speakers, whose details can be found HERE.

We hope you enjoy the below content curated from the event, gathered from what was a very successful forum. And do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] with any comments, feedback, or information on how you can become a key part by speaking at or sponsoring next year's forum.

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We're very much looking forward to welcoming you to our 2024 Vietnam Wealth Management Forum on Wednesday 30th October - view the 2024 Event Homepage HERE - but for now, please enjoy the output from the 2023 forum.


Panel Discussions from this Forum On Demand

Private Wealth Markets in Asia – and how can they engage Vietnamese clients?

At the Hubbis Vietnam Wealth Management Forum, a diverse panel of experts convened to uncover the pivotal trends shaping private wealth management on a global scale. Panelists grappled with identifying the most significant challenges and opportunities lying ahead, prognosticating the growth potential and prime opportunities that the foreseeable future might hold. Over the course of the discussion, the panelists shared their strategic priorities for the upcoming 12 months, reflecting on Vietnam's unique position in their growth plans. Furthermore, the conversation ventured into the operational challenges within the Vietnamese market and explored collaborative strategies for foreign private wealth managers to effectively partner with local firms, creating a roadmap for harmonious integration and mutual success.

Chaired by Zac Lucas, Partner – International Private Wealth, Spencer West, the discussion featured Philipp Piaz, Partner, Finaport; Evrard Bordier, CEO and Managing Partner, Bordier & Cie; Reuben van Dijk, Director, Melbourne Capital Group; and Tan Woon Hum, Partner, Head of Trust, Asset & Wealth Management Practice, Shook Lin & Bok.

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Digital Transformation – Getting it Right

In a world where digital innovation has become the cornerstone of progress, the Hubbis Vietnam Wealth Management Forum offered a pivotal look at the subject of digital transformation during the second panel discussion of the day. The conversation revolved around identifying digital solutions that not only enhance client-centric approaches but also offer personalisation and satisfaction, thereby redefining the client experience. Panellists debated the role of digital tools in maintaining a competitive edge in the wealth management market, while also scrutinizing the pros and cons of digital investment platforms. They also addressed the dichotomy of a young, tech-savvy population versus the older, wealthier demographics, dissecting the evolving opportunities this contrast presents.

The session was chaired by Abhi Saxena, Associate Partner, Synpulse, and featured Mukesh Pilania, Head of Retail Digital Banking, Techcombank; Gauraw Srivastava, Head of Private, Affluent, Mass-affluent Banking & Wealth Management, VPBank; Brook Taylor, Chief Executive Officer - Asset Management, VinaCapital; Mathieu Cambou, Chief Product Officer, Evooq; and Peter Bui, Chief Digital and Transformation Officer, SSI Securities.

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The Evolution of Wealth Management in Vietnam

This panel at the Hubbis Vietnam Wealth Management Forum saw an in-depth examination of the transformation within the asset and private wealth management sectors in Vietnam, looking at the industry's current trajectory and its future evolution. The discourse looked at a range of critical topics, such as the current state of regulation for banks and the inherent challenges that could potentially hinder growth within the sector. The panel delved into strategies for transitioning clients from traditional cash holdings to more diverse financial products, while also considering the roles that both regulators and the industry must play in this transition. And the panelists touched on the maturing investment landscape in Vietnam, discussing ways to introduce greater depth and sophistication to investment propositions. 

Chaired by Michael Stanhope, Founder & CEO of Hubbis, the discussion featured Gauraw Srivastava, Head of Private, Affluent, Mass-affluent Banking & Wealth Management, VPBank; and Eric Levinson, Deputy Managing Director, Head of Business Development, VinaCapital.

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Shaping Generational Fortunes: Expert Insights on Navigating Family Wealth and Succession in Asia

This afternoon bonus discussion explored various facets of generational wealth management and its challenges. The conversation traversed topics from the complexities of business succession in family enterprises to the nuances of wealth preservation and transition across generations.

Chaired by Zac Lucas, Partner at Spencer West, the discussion featured Tan Woon Hum, Partner at Shook Lin & Bok; Jacky Poh, Deputy Head Southeast Asia at Henley & Partners; and Jamie Bubb-Sacklyn, Private Wealth Manager at Melbourne Capital Group.

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View the write-ups of the Panel Discussion from this event

Vietnam’s Wealth Market and Digital Transformation - Getting it Right

What are the key priorities in terms of boosting internal and operational efficiencies and achieving cost savings? What are the key digital solutions that will help deliver greater client centricity, personalisation and client satisfaction? How can digital tools and solutions help incumbents stay ahead of the pack in an increasingly competitive wealth management market? How does technology help the wealth market leaders and competitors curate and then deliver advice more effectively? Vietnam has a young and digitally savvy population, but the older generations hold most of the wealth, so how do banks and others balance digital and human connectivity? These and other key questions we addressed in the second panel discussion of the Hubbis Vietnam Wealth Management Forum on November 8. Moderated with considerable skill by Abhi Saxena, an Associate Partner of Synpulse, the dialogue considered digital transformation to enhance operational efficiencies, to promote more client-centric solutions, and the expert analysed the intricate interplay between technology and personalised service from individual advisors and RMs. The key to the discussion was the backdrop of the rapid expansion of the Vietnam wealth market, which consulting giant McKinsey has predicted will grow rapidly by 2027 to represent assets of more than USD600 billion. This is a brief distillation of the discussion.

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The Evolution of Private Client Investment Demand in Vietnam

Vietnam is a young and fast-developing market in terms of wealth management with a relatively limited offering of products, so far only a nascent advisory proposition and as yet only an emerging distribution infrastructure. A group of experts assembled on November 8 to analyse the state of the investment products market locally, the likely developments ahead as liberalisation gradually takes place and as appetite expands amongst HNW/UHNW clients, and amongst the growing ranks of mass affluent clients emerging on the wealth management scene. They also looked across to the growing logic for and avenues to facilitate foreign participation in what will be a long-term growth economy and significant capital market opportunities for many years to come. They pondered whether foreign investors should be tactical or strategic in their allocations and highlighted the challenges around building liquidity in the domestic markets. The overall impression was that progress needs to be oiled by education, awareness, the nurturing of talent, greater industry collaboration with the authorities and regulators, and a fair degree of patience to ensure the building blocks are in place. Events such as the bond market ‘crisis’ in the recent past will naturally set the market back, but awareness of risks will increase and a flight to quality is no bad thing for the evolutions of what is a market in its emerging phases.

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Thoughts from Leading Market Practitioners on the Evolution of Wealth Management in Vietnam

The last panel discussion of the morning at a recent Hubbis Forum focused on the evolution of the wealth management model in Vietnam, with a group of experts on the domestic scene offering delegates some invaluable pointers on current and anticipated trends.

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View the write-ups of the Presentations and Workshops from this event

Enhancing Digital Capabilities in Wealth Management and Delivering a Successful Transformation Journey

Grzegorz Prosowicz, Head of Consulting and Product Management for Comarch Capital Markets, offered delegates at the November 8 Vietnam Wealth Management Forum some valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities around digital transformation in wealth management. He did so in a short Head-to-Head Q&A with Hubbis Founder & CEO, Michael Stanhope. He covered key areas such as how wealth managers in Vietnam are enhancing their digital capabilities, the key trends currently and emerging, and how Comarch can help customers in their digital transformation journeys. This is a snapshot of his key messages.

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Re-Imagining the Wealth Management Journey: How Advisors Play a Key Role

Mathieu Cambou is Chief Product Officer of FinTech and consultancy Evooq, a Swiss firm that prides itself on the design, build, and delivery of technology solutions that enable high-quality personalised investment services to be offered by banks and other wealth managers to a wide range of investors. He offered delegates at the Hubbis Vietnam Wealth Management Forum in November a lively talk focusing on the right attributes of a ‘good’ wealth management journey, the needs and expectations of these Vietnamese (and broader Asian) clients, and how providers can offer a simple (yet also sophisticated) wealth journey through relationship managers and advisors that are supported and empowered by the right management strategies and optimal digital solutions and processes.

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Cultivating Success in Wealth Management through Melbourne Capital's Client-Centric Strategies

Join Reuben van Dijk, Director, and Jamie Bubb-Sacklyn, Private Wealth Manager of Melbourne Capital Group, as they delve into the essence of their clientele, the rationale behind their clients' loyalty, and the intricacies of constructing a robust financial planning enterprise that transcends mere transactions to foster enduring relationships, having joined us for the Hubbis Vietnam Wealth Management Forum. The dialogue further explored the evolving landscape of the financial industry, highlighting the trends that shape client needs and the bespoke solutions Melbourne Capital employs to navigate them.

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