Prodigy Network provides individuals access to investment opportunities in prime commercial real estate in Manhattan. Thanks to the JOBS Act in 2013, our investment model is democratizing assets previously privy to the very wealthy and financial institutions.

Through this model, Prodigy Network has raised over $410 million from investors in 27 different countries and 26 US States. In addition to the equity raised, Prodigy Network is able to leverage traditional financing from large institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, and CIBC. The portfolio of 5 projects in Manhattan and 2 in Bogota has an estimated value of more than $750 million.

Prodigy Network initiated its track record in Manhattan through AKA United Nations, a property with 95 extended stay units located on 234 E 46th Street. This was the first crowdfunded project in Manhattan’s history, which concluded its financing, development and liquidation cycle with double digit returns to its investors.

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