We produce compliance monitoring software that helps regulated enterprises( for instance, banks and financial firms ) capture all business-related instant messaging communications conducted through employees'‚Äč mobile devices ( for instance, WhatsApp, WeChat , LINE , SMS etc ) and send these captured data to corporate servers for storage from which as and when required, at moment's notice , compliance officers can retrieve desired selected data for purposes of audit trail , dispute resolution , fraud investigation , e-discovery , trade order reconstruction , business continuity and collaboration etc and to comply with regulations ( for instance, MiFID II , Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes Oxley etc ) from various jurisdictions ( FCA, ESMA, FINMA, FINRA, SEC, CFTC etc ) on record retention in regulated and litigious industries, especially financial institutions.

We pioneered the capture and logging of popular instant messaging platforms on mobile devices( for instance, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE ) for compliance monitoring through real use cases with top financial firms. We render popular messaging apps( for instance, WhatsApp, WeChat , FB messenger, LINE, KaKao, Telegram etc ) audit-compliant for regulated enterprises, so that your company can continue engaging your clients through their favorite messaging app without risking regulatory fines from lack of chat capture & message retention.

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