Panel discussion - Family Offices - succession challenges and Insurance

Peter Triggs of 1291 Group

Sep 15, 2023

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Family offices are growing in number in both Hong Kong and Singapore. But as they become both more numerous and wealthier, it is not just their good fortune that is growing. Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) and their family offices are struggling to find succession and inheritance planning solutions that allow them, and their successors, to live their self-determined lives. Curating the right insurance products and structures will help HNW+ families mitigate risks and build and enjoy generational wealth in a way that suits them.

  • To what extent is the conversation around SFOs meaningful now? Or is it too general and commoditised?
  • What are the topics around wealth planning, structuring and succession planning and what specific insurance solutions would be most relevant and resonate with SFOs?
  • How do SFOs perceive insurance solutions as they consider their planning across generations and business succession challenges? Can you provide a sustainable legacy planning tool through insurance?
  • How does the Family Office get involved in succession planning for the Family?
  • How does insurance provide liquidity from one generation to the next?
  • What’s the difference between UHNW clients and everyone else? It’s fair to say that they are much more diversified – probably with connection with many different tax systems and jurisdictions. They need multi-generational solutions. They need to understand the different legal and tax issues in different countries and the solutions they consider.
  • UHNW clients probably have a family business – how can insurance be used to transition wealth and business assets to the next generation?
  • What’s the relevance of insurance to the family business? Do they need key man insurance, for example?
  • How are insurance policies treated by the Family Office regime in the region?


Peter Triggs
1291 Group

Panel Members

Lee Woon Shiu
Managing Director & Group Head of Wealth Planning, Family Office & Insurance Solutions
DBS Private Bank

Sze Kuan Sim
Of Counsel

Philipp Piaz

Rohit Ganguli
Head of Wealth Planning Asia
EFG Bank


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