Panel discussion – Building resilient portfolios in challenging markets

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Panel discussion – Building resilient portfolios in challenging markets

  • Are your portfolios currently fully vested or holding high levels of cash or heavily hedged against downside risks?
  • Where do you see pockets of value and opportunities in the current global environment?
  • What are some on the themes that resonate with clients today?
  • What’s your view on the traditional 60/40 allocation going into an overall high interest rate regime like in the 70-80s?
  • How open are the U/HNWs to using ETFs for their portfolio?
  • Where are some of the challenges/benefits when using ETFs for asset allocations
  • Are ETFs an efficient tool in asset allocation and what proportion are these used in your bank?
  • ETF Innovation has come a long way, what further innovation you hope to see or expect in the near future?


Adrian Chew
SVP, Sales & Product Strategy
CSOP Asset Management

Panel Members

Isaac Poole
Global Chief Investment Officer Portfolio Manager
Oreana Financial Services

Steve Brice
Chief Investment Officer
Standard Chartered Private Bank

Ritesh Ganeriwal
Head of Investment Advisory

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