Indian Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Abhijit Bhave

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1. What can you do to improve your value proposition?

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1. What can you do to improve your value proposition?

What we have defined in value preparation is all about client experience. One critical component of the client experience is the touch point, which is our wealth manager. So, we are working very hard on making our wealth managers improve every day, and we are investing a lot in training. So, for example, our target is 100 hours, per item for the entire year. I'm very happy to share that from 1st April, this financial year, they've already crossed 32 hours. Now, the training is based on a concept called "KASH box," with a K. K for knowledge, A for attitude, S for skills, and H for habits. The other thing is (that) we have defined our vision, our mission as helping people achieve their life's dreams and goals; we defined our core values as IPOD: integrity, positivity, ownership, and dependability. As long as we get people who share our mission, who share our values and take it up to the right set of clients, I believe that we'll be able to achieve what we want to achieve for our clients, not for us.

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