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Hedgtrade is a quantitative research platform for traders & investors that supports forward looking market risk analytics and bring insight & visibility as to the direction of the portfolio manager's trading decisions. Hedgtrade is a product that has been designed and currently used in production by United River Capital, a quantitative trading firm based out of Singapore

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Digital & Technology

New Singapore Algorithmic Trading Platform Aims to Fast-Forward Wealth Managers’ Investment & Trading Capabilities Singapore-headquartered united\river capital is a quantitative investment firm that since earlier this year has begun its trading operations - running algorithmic trading and investment strategies that support objective, systematic investme...

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Nov 1, 2023   

HUBBIS INVESTMENT FORUM - Singapore 2023 We were delighted to host the Hubbis Investment Forum – Singapore on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, for the Private Wealth Management Community..    Thanks to our partners: GAM Investments, Janus Henderson Investors, AQUIS Capital, Axonic Insurance Solutions, CSOP Asset Management,...