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Financial tools make Prudential, Welltok ideal partners to improve employee total well-being

Prudential, a leading provider of financial wellness education and tools, and Welltok, the consumer activation solutions company, are partnering to provide employers with the integrated well-being approach they desire.

Prudential’s financial wellness content, tools and access to its solutions will be delivered within Welltok’s total well-being solution, the firm said in a press release.

Large employers nationwide work with Welltok to support healthy and productive workforces, which is more essential than ever. The company successfully drives action by providing a single destination for employees and dependents to access highly relevant programs, resources, benefits and incentives. Welltok uses data insights and advanced personalization to help their clients’ employees achieve personal improvement in five key areas: physical, financial, mental, social and purpose.

Solutions and tools provided by Prudential via Welltok—such as those that manage day-to-day finances, setting and achieving financial goals and protecting against key money risks—help drive financial behaviour changes that will carry over to employees’ lives as a whole. For those who want additional help, Welltok will connect them to Prudential solutions that can help their financial security.

Jake Biscoglio, Vice President, Strategic Growth Initiatives & Partnerships, Prudential, said: “Employees and their families don’t separate their health and happiness from their financial lives. That’s why Prudential prioritized offering an integrated health and wealth solution for our clients. Many programs focus on only one aspect of wellness, but Welltok has bundled holistic well-being solutions we know are essential to driving behaviour change.”

Employers are increasingly recognizing the connection between their employees’ financial and physical health. A third of Americans say their lack of money prevents them from living a healthy lifestyle and 65% are not prepared for a financial emergency.

Those who experience debt-related stress have more serious health problems, including ulcers, migraines and heart attacks. These connections are exacerbated during times of crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bob Fabbio, CEO, Welltok, said: “Welltok has long understood the importance of financial well-being: If people are not financially secure, their mental, physical and social health are negatively impacted. We are excited to be partnering with Prudential to offer best-in-class financial resources that will support a critical need. In fact, some of our employer clients are already effectively using Prudential’s timely content and tools to help their employees manage finances during the Covid-19 crisis.”