China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center partners with Ascenda to grow payments business

Ascenda, the global rewards infrastructure company, and China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center have launched the next generation of the China CITIC Bank Point Program to accelerate premium customer acquisition and its new retail development strategy.

The program engages customers with innovative new membership rewards features and merchant partners.  Effective immediately, China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center is relying on Ascenda's advanced rewards engine and global content network to connect more than 100 million credit cards to 15 airline and hotel loyalty programs.

The new propositions elevate the value of China CITIC Bank Points with unprecedented flexibility and aspirational appeal. The option to transfer bank points to major international frequent traveler programs enables China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center to differentiate its products, acquire new customers, and grow spend in the valuable international business and premium consumer segments.

The collaboration with Ascenda equips China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center with market-leading rewards content, a world-class real-time digital redemption experience, and an exciting long-term roadmap to launch further new partnerships catered to affluent Chinese customers – all supporting the bank's objective of building the most valued card issuer loyalty program in China.

Regarding this new partnership, China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center explained: "Building deeper customer connections is critical to our success, and Ascenda's next generation solution is an ideal enabler for that agenda".

"We are delighted to partner with China CITIC Bank to drive the growth of its card business." said Natasha Cui, General Manager - Greater China at Ascenda. "As we continue to expand our line-up of aspirational rewards experiences for this important market, China CITIC Bank's pioneering mindset is a strong match for Ascenda's innovation mandate."