Capital Group celebrates five-year anniversary of Capital Group New Perspective Fund

Capital Group, one of the largest and most experienced investment companies in the world, with assets under management of more than USD2.1 trillion, marks the five-year anniversary of its first strategy brought over from the US for investors in Asia and Europe, Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX) (NPF).

Launched as a Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS fund in 2015, NPF is part of, and managed by the same experienced team and follows the same approach as, the Capital Group New Perspective strategy, a global equity strategy with a 47-year track record of identifying and investing in established and early-stage multinationals benefiting from changing global trade patterns, the firm said in a press release.

In the five years since launch, NPF has reached US$9.5 billion in assets under management, with gross inflows of US$1.36 billion in Q3 2020 alone. The fund has also experienced strong gains since its inception on 30 October 2015, with an annualised return of 10.5% versus MSCI ACWI of 8.1% - delivering an annualised excess return of 2.3%. The fund is managed by seven portfolio managers, rather than a single manager, with median investment experience of 29 years. Given the global presence of multinationals, the fund adopts a domicile-agnostic approach, investing in companies based on their revenue exposure rather than their country of domicile.

Since the launch of NPF five years ago, Capital Group has introduced a total of 9 time-tested strategies that have proven successful from the US to Asia and Europe to build its Luxembourg fund range. They comprise strategies with multi-decade track records, which have resulted in funds such as Capital Group New Economy Fund (LUX), a global equity fund; Capital Group US Corporate Bond Fund (LUX), a fixed income fund; and Capital Group Capital Income Builder (LUX), a multi-asset fund. Currently, Capital Group has 25 registered Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS funds across equities, fixed income and multi-asset in Singapore and 23 in Hong Kong.

David Polak, Investment Director, Capital Group, said: “We launched the New Perspective strategy 47 years ago in the US to invest in the champions of the future, benefiting from changing global trade patterns. We have seen strong interest in the New Perspective Fund (LUX) from Asian and European investors since it launched as a UCITS fund five years ago. During the current market uncertainty, clients have continued to turn to Capital Group to manage their investments, and NPF saw record inflows of USD1.36 billion in the third quarter of this year.

“We are focused on building a diversified Luxembourg fund range that leverages the track record, longevity and expertise of many of our strategies in the US to help investors in Asia and Europe meet their long-term investment goals. To date, we have introduced 9 proven strategies from the US to Asian and European investors,” Polak continued.