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Avrio Wealth gains Financial Advisory License

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has granted a financial advisory license to Avrio Wealth, making it one of 66 licensed entities operating in Singapore.

Avrio Wealth was set up by Chief Executive Officer Ann Marie Regal in late 2019. Prior to founding Aviro, Regal was a wealth manager at Globaleye, a global wealth management firm.

In addition to this, Regal has held roles at Chartwell Associates, Legg Mason and Goldman Sachs across a career spanning over two decades, according to her LinkedIn.

Ann Marie Regal, Chief Executive Officer, Avrio Wealth, said “I started Avrio to create a company in Singapore with like-minded certified financial planning professionals who believe in the financial planning process,” in a report by International Adviser.

In addition to Regal, the Avrio Wealth team includes Andrew Talbot, who previously was Financial Planner and Adviser at Globaleye, and Michael Borchert, who was a Certified Financial Planner for PIAS, prior to joining Avrio Wealth.

““There are more than 80,000 CFP professionals in the US, most who work as fee only or fee based. This is all I know, clients pay for your time and expertise. Our long-term vision is to charge all clients a fee which isn’t tied to their portfolio or products. The fee is derived from the client’s net worth, the complexity of their plan and implemented solutions,” said Regal of Avrio Wealth’s fee-based structure.

The majority of Avrio Wealth’s customers are those with US tax connections or are from the US. The firm hopes to expand into other jurisdictions, currently boasting a team with qualifications across Australia, New Zealand, the US, the UK, and having been granted a Securities and Exchange Commission licence.