Platform overview

The Hubbis platform and content is used by many types of wealth management firms to meet their compliance, CPD, reporting and general learning and development requirements - in a transparent, robust and professional manner.

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Learning at Hubbis

CPD / CPT Eligible

The platform enables the recording and reporting of all online and offline training that users complete, in order to then provide a complete training record for each individual, so that regulatory reporting is both comprehensive and easy to complete.

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IBF Accreditation

Hubbis is an accredited training provider of the Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF) in Singapore (under the Monetary Authority of Singapore). Our FA-CPD Ethics and Rules & Regulations Programmes are fully IBF accredited.

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Professional Certification

Each of the private wealth manager lessons will complete with a test - to ensure that the student understands the messages we deliver. Upon completion of the entire programme, the student will take a final exam and receive a PWM Certification when they pass.

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Private Wealth Manager

Foundation Programme

In order to further facilitate the evolution of higher levels of professionalism across the wealth management industry, Hubbis has launched its unique Private Wealth Manager Foundation Certification Programme.

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Essentials Programme

Each private wealth manager essentials lesson will complete with a test to ensure that the student understands the lesson content that has been studied. Upon successful completion of the full programme a PWM Certification will be awarded.

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It is very important that you learn about what money is and how to manage it – and this understanding should happen sooner rather than later.

Financial skills are as important as any other skills that you will learn – but they are rarely taught.