Hubbis Digital Learning Course Syllabus
Course NameCPD/CPT /OPT
Global world of wealth and asset management30 minutes
Onshore versus offshore wealth management30 minutes
The role of wealth providers60 minutes
Trends in the Asian Wealth Management industry30 minutes
Types of Wealth Management Service Providers 30 minutes
Wealth Management in Asia: A Relevant Profession30 minutes
Why Wealth Management Matters60 minutes
Compliance & Regulation
AML Trusts Hong Kong30 minutes
AML Trusts Singapore 201630 minutes
Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery 201630 minutes
Anti-Money Laundering – Australia 201660 minutes
Anti-Money Laundering for Back Office Executives Singapore 201660 minutes
Anti-Money Laundering for Front Office Executives Singapore 201660 minutes
Anti-Money Laundering Hong Kong 201760 minutes
Anti-Money Laundering Indonesia 201730 minutes
Anti-Money Laundering Saudi Arabia 201630 minutes
Anti-Money Laundering Singapore 201760 minutes
Anti-Money Laundering Taiwan 201660 minutes
Anti-Money Laundering UAE 201660 minutes
Anti-Money Laundering India 201660 minutes
Anti-Money Laundering The Philippines 201630 minutes
Counter Terrorist Financing in Wealth Management 201630 minutes
KYC Essentials Hong Kong 201760 minutes
KYC Essentials Singapore 201760 minutes
Outsourcing30 minutes
Sanctions 201630 minutes
Cross Border Sales Guidelines: Australia 201730 minutes
Cross Border Sales Guidelines: China 201630 minutes
Cross Border Sales Guidelines: Hong Kong 201630 minutes
Cross Border Sales Guidelines: India 201630 minutes
Cross Border Sales Guidelines: Indonesia 201630 minutes
Cross Border Sales Guidelines: Malaysia 201630 minutes
Cross Border Sales Guidelines: Singapore 201630 minutes
Cross Border Sales Guidelines: Taiwan 201630 minutes
Cross Border Sales Guidelines: Thailand 201630 minutes
Cross Border Sales Guidelines: The Philippines 201630 minutes
Cross-Border Sales Guidelines: Japan 201630 minutes
Automatic Exchange of Information “AEOI” & Common Reporting Standard “CRS” 201730 minutes
Angelo Venardos on Common Reporting Standards 201730 minutes
FATCA60 minutes
Qurops For IFAs30 minutes
Responsibility of wealth managers in regards of clients' tax compliancy30 minutes
Tax Amnesty in Indonesia30 minutes
Ethics & Fiduciary
Code of Conduct – Hong Kong 201630 minutes
Code of Conduct - Singapore 201630 minutes
Compliance and Business Ethics 201760 minutes
Corporate Social Responsibility 201530 minutes
Ethical Fiduciary Responsibility30 minutes
Fraud Prevention 201660 minutes
Guidelines for FIs to Safeguard the Integrity of Singapore's Financial System60 minutes
Guidelines on Fair Dealing in Singapore 201660 minutes
Guidelines on Fit & Proper Criteria for Financial Advisers60 minutes
Guidelines on Standards of Conduct for Financial Advisers and Representatives60 minutes
Market Abuse - Hong Kong 201630 minutes
Market Abuse - Singapore 201630 minutes
Mis-selling and Suitability – Hong Kong 201660 minutes
Mis-selling and Suitability – Singapore 201660 minutes
IT & Security
Being prepared for Singapore’s data protection provisions30 minutes
IT & Cyber Security 201760 minutes
Introduction to Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 201620 minutes
Singapore Data Protection - Introductory Overview30 minutes
Singapore Data Protection Act 201660 minutes
Social Media30 minutes
The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong30 minutes
The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong-General15 minutes
Understanding Singapore’s personal data protection regime30 minutes
Enterprise Risk Management 201660 minutes
Wealth Structuring / Family Wealth
Applications of Trusts30 minutes
Family Offices30 minutes
Fundamentals of Insurance Wrappers30 minutes
Fundamentals of Wills, Foundations & Offshore Companies60 minutes
Helping wealthy families plan - for now and the future30 minutes
Immigration & Expatriation30 minutes
Practical steps for wealth transfer60 minutes
Succession Planning30 minutes
The components of long-term wealth plans60 minutes
Trust 201660 minutes
Wealth THINK – Fundamentals of Wealth Management60 minutes
Wealth THINK - Trends in Wealth Planning30 minutes
Be the Salesperson You Want to Be30 minutes
Becoming a trusted adviser60 minutes
Behavioural Finance 201660 minutes
Being An Effective Wealth Manager 201730 minutes
Building Trust to Add Value to Clients & Their Portfolios30 minutes
Creating a Successful Service30 minutes
Creating an effective Financial Plan60 minutes
Cultural Aspects of Doing Business in Asia30 minutes
Delivering Bad News 201730 minutes
Doing business in Asia 201730 minutes
Handling objection 201730 minutes
Key Skills A Successful Salesperson Should Master (Part 1)30 minutes
Key Skills A Successful Salesperson Should Master (Part 2)30 minutes
Key Skills A Successful Salesperson Should Master (Part 3)30 minutes
Getting pysychology right & sales mistakes to avoid30 minutes
Managing personal finances60 minutes
Sales success60 minutes
Advisory Services60 minutes
Asset Allocation and Diversification60 minutes
Benchmarking60 minutes
Calculating investment return60 minutes
Cash Flow Modelling60 minutes
Discretionary Portfolio Management30 minutes
Economic Indicators30 minutes
Introduction to Mutual Funds 201730 minutes
Investment Basics 201730 minutes
Investment Math60 minutes
Investment styles60 minutes
MacroEconomics60 minutes
Managing investment risks60 minutes
Measuring investment risks60 minutes
Model Portfolios: Asset Allocation 201760 minutes
Investment Math 201760 minutes
Macro Economics 201760 minutes
Model Portfolios:Asset Allocation 201760 minutes
Portfolio Management Theory 201660 minutes
Portfolio Reviews30 minutes
Responsible investing60 minutes
Portfolio Reviews 201760 minutes
Technical Analysis 201760 minutes
Technical versus fundamental analysis60 minutes
The added value of discipline60 minutes
Alternative Investments
Alternative Investments 201630 minutes
Dual currency investments 201730 minutes
Exchange traded products: ETFs 201760 minutes
Hedge Funds 201760 minutes
Investing in Commodities 201730 minutes
Islamic Finance30 minutes
Islamic Finance 201730 minutes
Private Equity 201760 minutes
Understanding ETFs 201630 minutes
Understanding Gold60 minutes
Using ETFs 201630 minutes
Credit - Risks and Rules30 minutes
Building Blocks of Structured Products30 minutes
Daily Range Accruals 201630 minutes
Derivatives in Wealth Management 201630 minutes
Equity Accumulators and Decumulators 201630 minutes
Equity Linked Notes: Reverse Convertibles 201630 minutes
Financial Derivatives 201760 minutes
FX Accumulators And Decumulators 201630 minutes
Tailoring Derivative Products 201630 minutes
The basics of derivatives30 minutes
Using Structured Products 201630 minutes
Equity income 201760 minutes
Equity indices 201730 minutes
Equity Valuations 201760 minutes
Introduction to Equities 201630 minutes
Fixed Income
Advanced Fixed Income60 minutes
Advanced Fixed Income 201730 minutes
Contingent Convertible (CoCo) Bonds 201630 minutes
Convertible Bonds 201730 minutes
Government Bonds 201730 minutes
Introduction To Fixed Income 201660 minutes
Money Markets 201730 minutes
Short duration bond investing 201730 minutes
Vanilla Options 201660 minutes
Yield Curves 201760 minutes
Yield Curves60 minutes
Introduction to FX 201630 minutes
An Overview of Insurance 201660 minutes
Health related insurance30 minutes
Personal Liability, Personal Property, and Business Insurance 201630 minutes
Introduction to life insurance45 minutes
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