Davis Hall

Head of Capital Markets, Asia

Indosuez Wealth Management


Hong Kong -based Davis C. Hall is responsible for planning and executing the Capital Markets strategy, policies and procedures in the areas of Structured Products, FX & Precious Metals, OTC derivatives and all trade execution activities at Indosuez Wealth Management in Asia. The Capital Markets team is part of the Indosuez Markets, Investments & Structuring team.With over 30 years ’ experience in the foreign exchange and commodities markets, Davis has developed an outstanding ability to analyse and decipher the psychology of markets and investors. Intuitive, rigorous and steadfast in his convictions, he likes to get out in the field and compare his views with those of local experts in order to form solid assessments.Davis began his banking career in 1986 with Chase Manhattan Bank in Geneva as a trainee in the capital markets division. A few years later , he joined Cargill’s financial markets division, where he became head of the FX Proprietary Trading team. During his four years there, Davis developed strengths such as discipline and a sense for risk -taking. He joined Indosuez Wealth Management in Switzerland in 1992, as a manager, first for foreign exchange and then for precious metals markets, two areas he has continued to work in ever since. His last appointment before relocating to Hong Kong SAR in July 2019 was Global Head of Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals Advisory. Davis holds a BA in Languages and Fine Arts from Bowdoin College (Maine, USA). Prior to that, he was schooled in Switzerland, and received an international baccalaureate from the International School of Geneva.

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